Living The Creative

In 2006, at the provoking of one of my friends, I started a blog.  The roller coaster of life and trying to work consistently on my writing was creating huge gaps in my blog–add to this that I started journaling and doing photography again (a neglected love).  It is a long time since then, when there was not way to have a blog and website together, so thank goodness for Word Press.

Since then my life has totally changed, and a certain nostalgia creeps over me when I think of myself sitting down to write those first pages.  I went back to school (self-designed program ‘The Psychology of Creative Expression’)and have gotten some further certifications to help me work with people using metaphor, as well (see the home page).

This webblog, as I call it, is an attempt to create a community of writers, creative people and people who need a place to talk about their dilemmas with present day society.  It will also give people an idea of how to use the language of metaphor to change their lives.  You will find within this webblog things I do to help people develop their creativity as well.

I also invite you to use the contact page to vent about the metaphors used in present day society and how they trap us……  I find that metaphors can enfold stories, but they can also be hard task masters, which can encase us in rooms that don’t have enough windows and doors to see the rest of the house let alone the world at large.  There is an old story that goes something like this.  The difference between a crazy person and a sane person is that the crazy person does not have doors to all the rooms of his house and the sane person does.  Unfortunately, in the recent years of mounting factionalism it seems that more and more people want to seal the doors between the rooms

So I offer a place for you to tell harbor your stories.  It is a place to put ones personal experiences and reactions trying to live one’s life in a society whose morals are adrift and where blaming the other and looking for what one disagrees about has become way more important than compromise and what we all have in common.  This week we have had another shooting rampage (this was written before the embassy attacks–so it is not only that we are being attacked from the outside).  How do we experience this in our lives?  What have we done to contribute or make okay this kind of behavior as a group at large?  Let’s make a community of people who are willing to speak up about how all of this is effecting them beyond our differences and starting from our humanness.  We live in a society where it has become more and more difficult to protest or react with group strength to what we witness.  How about making an online protest that protests for our not loosing our humanity with each other and tells the truth of what we our experiencing in our lives.  I ask only one thing:  no name calling.  In other words no shame and blame.  There is a huge difference between saying such and such company does such and such or I walked into the store and needed to talk to the manager and the way he spoke to me is so typical of things today in that he said…………………. and I felt………………….and I always feel or think……………………when that happens–with no identifying markers.  I will post people’s stories, if they follow the game plan and are things we all can identify with.  If enough people respond to this, I will think about starting some kind of discussion board.

I’m older, and the contrast of what my generation was trying to create and what has happened in society is like night and day.  I have worked for three colleges on and off for the last 10 years and returned to University.  In the beginning, it was only about 20% of the students who told me that they did not know what they wanted to do.  At my last job in admissions, it is about sixty percent, and, if I asked them if they were undecided because of the economy and what has happened over the last few years, most of them would answer in the affirmative.  End result, I’m interested in the reactions of young people as well as those who have lost their homes, jobs, economic stability, pensions and health care or just don’t feel comfortable in how the culture of the country has moved, even in how we are spoken to as people.I am interested in what keeps people willing to still challenge their creativity, even though we are living in a society that seems inundated with all kinds of insecurities, leaving all but the wealthiest unscathed, though some of their scars may be more internalized and the worst kinds of all, if their stories were to come out.  As studies have shown, you can not equate happiness with wealth.

Also, any stories of how someone overcame difficulties in relationship to all of the above, are welcome as well and can be an example to all of us.

Roseroberta ‘Bobbi’ Pauling

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