In Between The Seconds

In Between The Seconds

Too much coffee, not enough sleep,

Disjointed conversation on Facebook,

Scheduling and rescheduling all week,

Black and white debates filled with lies,

And my throat is on fire, I have chills.

My body fights wanting to say many things.

How many days to the election?

What am I electing in my life?

What do we all elect every day?

My body is chilled.  The covers

Are not enough, and for the first time

In years I acknowledge I want to be hugged.

Something seeps up through the busy person

I have become, and tears form

Not just for me, for all of us and what we

Have become:  Facebook, Twitter and Tweets,

 cell phones, texting, laptops, tablets

rewiring our brains, but not our hearts

to the point that

Sometimes it feels like a shock

To really look in someone’s eyes–

Between the seconds

To where time stops.


One comment

  1. Above virtual is pure love. I’m sending you a hug traveling above space and time. “Love knows no Geography.” Sorry, I don’t know the author. Love in Spirit, Noelle


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