As in something that controls the current

As in a substance

connecting two things together

like God and man

Fuse as in integration

And fuse as in blowing one’s fuse

As in a stick of dynamite

Busy at work

With the former

To stop the latter


As in the beginning of a new day


As in the loss or ending

Of something cherished

Or once cherished

They both sound the same

Both can be a new beginning

But, how often do we think that way


As in a place of comings and goings

Like an airport

As in cancer

As in termination

Both share completion

But, not always in good time


As in being absorbed in

Or solicitating participation in

An activity

like in war

As in preparing to participate

In the activity of marriage


As in the union of two complements

As in the joining of two people

For a common goal

Towards what end?


As in separating oneself

From something

As in divorced from reality

Or a marriage

Which was towards what end?


As in carrying a child

As in full with ideas or concepts

As in conception


As in the beginning

Of the word

Of an idea in God’s mind

Or as of a child


As in the termination

Of an idea

 Or a child

Or as in activities of war.

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