Passion’s Heart  (A Reply To Rumi)

I ride a sea on horseback

Where winds sanctify

My hair flying like a mane

On the animal I am

Saddled to in this life.

Dear Rumi,

Take me in your arms;

Fill me with the beloved.

Let this sea surge in my veins.

Temper me with your love.

Test me to the point

Of divine tolerance.

Free me to sail unsaddled

Across your ocean.

Fill me with the aroma

Of white roses blossoming

In the sand of the desert.

Make me worthy of touching

The skirts of God’s embrace.

Where freedom surmounts

All trials and blind addictions.

For what other song is there,

And how else to spend my days?

If that light from your lantern,

Meets but one heart that ignites

In this fire, I will rest well

In eternity’s mansions,

and remain nestled

in your arms like a child


@Roseroberta 11/9/2012

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