Tea Ceremony

Lying beside you,

Muted lights filtering,

You rise reaching

For tea.

And….there you are

A silhouette in gray,

A perfect picture

Imbedded on the film

Of my memory–

Long and lean,

Head rising to meet

The angle of the cup,

One arm stretched out

With hand grasping mine.

My heart smiles.

Even in the darkness,

I can feel the smile


and the light

From your eyes

On me.

Through them,

I too

A still life in gray—

Moving yet motionless.

(This poem is a pure fantasy that I wrote while living in Japan around 1992.  I actually could barely walk at the time from a virus on my spine.)



    • It brings back memories of a time in my life, but as it says at bottom, it is really a fiction poem that I wrote while I was suffering from a virus on my spine. I can’t quite explain it, but it is more like what the culture was like. You know like historical fiction. LOL So, there is nostalgia for Japan.


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