My New Face Book Friend On Education

Barbara J Bergmann Never, ever, color with in the lines. You are only completing what some one else has started. We teach little kids to color in the lines and in so doing inhibit the natural artistic gift of little minds and imaginations. The only good that comes from coloring in the lines is learning hand and eye control. If you want to grow up to create your own composition, you never, never color with in the lines. Give a child a blank sheet of paper and some crayons and tell them to draw anything they want and they will fill the paper with squiggles and lines and other strange things. Ask them what they drew and they will tell you a story. It is by coloring in the lines that we are taught to conform. It is only the beginning of how young minds are shaped. As we grow and mature it is usually safer to stay in those lines. But without those minds who hate little boxes we would not have computers and space ships, or flat screen tv’s or any of the things that were once considered science fiction. I have always been the square peg in the round hole. I have never fit in any where, nor have I ever been seen as conventional. I say, often to my own demise, things that others don’t want to hear. I have made at least a million mistakes, some good ,some bad, but they made me who I am today. Not someone special. Not some one newsworthy (thank the gods) but just me, flaws and all. My current outside of the box thinking is: since we have outsourced everything else to China, perhaps we could outsource Congress and the Senate. Give the Chines the exact guide lines we want and have them manage the congress. It would be cheaper, they would not get paid as much ,nor have the benefits, and should they fail to preform correctly they would either be sent to a re-education camp or executed. Bet they would come to a consensus them. LOL
P.S.  When I write, I seldom think about what I am saying, in that I am not writing for an audience or looking for folks to hit “like”. It is just me, all the weirdness that is unique to whom ever I am. So yes, you have my permission. The only other thing I would have added to that, had I thought of it, was do not worry that your kid draws everything in black. If you watch which crayon they grab it is usually the closest. Some kids just happen to like how black looks on crisp white paper, or it’s the closest crayon. No deep psychological issues attached to color selection. I will qualify that by saying if you have a 15 year old drawing violent pictures all in black then you might have a whole different cup to tea.


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