Yellow and brown leaf that moves

Across nature’s universe unnoticed

Eating the small curds left behind

By more predatorial natures.

A moth who lives wings spread

In the night looking like an owl’s face,

So no one will come near to prey.

Snakes shed their skin, but so do

Caterpillars over and over again

Till they weave their own cocoon

And dangle in midair by one long

Silken thread trusted to infinity

Diffuse liquid gel inside reforming

Amongst a scatter of cells.

You cannot move the butterfly

Out from its self-induced room,

Even the wind rocking it or the

Sun shining upon it gently

will not bring it out before time.

Sometimes its soulmate pierces

the shell and impregnates it so

at that very moment when the

winged beauty pushes out from

from its labors it is pregnant.

All this occurs in nature, occurs

Out in the wild, and so am I.

©Roseroberta 11/24/2012


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