A Place Called Home

(A Poem For An Old Friend)

Resides now inside my heart

I looked for her outside

Opening doors, windows

Peeping in alleyways

And I never found her.

There is this cement

That walls people together

Congruently, even if dysfunctionally,

A place I never found but for moments

Or could run back to with

Familiar language of all is okay.

I knew detachment before

The age the mystic generation—a

Thousand times risking loss to faces

Who seemed like maybe they knew, but

Trying to attach seemed a strange place

Which I could never master, though I tried.

Most things I saw made no sense–

For the most part, led to war, divisions,

Divisiveness, predators, but rarely love.

And those who said they loved, well,

More than not they never did, beyond what?

Need, fear, ego and lack of wholeness, so

People often feared me. I saw the places,

Which they lay hidden from view, but

Not my view where it was bright and glaring.

I had no need to expose them, though they

Beyond their best attempts, lay bare.

It was just a way of seeing—boundary less.

Too many changing hands, shifting perspectives,

So it all formed into a seamless whole with

No need to retreat into a cave of solitude.

My life was its own cave, its own retreat—

A hunt for answers never found beyond crumbs

Cast here and there amongst the weeds

With a long haul till loneliness became solitude—

A long haul till what was most painful changed

To blessings which healed my life and

For others could the same.  “I took the road

Less traveled, and it has made all the difference.”

It is not the story after all, but what you do with it.

It’s not the words racing through the brain; it is

The soul hidden wordless and knowingly bringing

Forth the gifts you gave, along the way.  Catch it.

It is a sleeping dream waking, because that place

Sets the worlds illusions to rest.  It is the place

Where strength, resilliance and love ever tested

Finds home and reality cuts illusion like

In a childhood game of rock, paper, scissors.

©Roseroberta 11/28/2012

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