My Thougts for New Year’s 2013

I posted this on Facebook:

This evening is New Year’s Eve, and many believe this year is special. I thought I would say something that rang of truth to me in response to much that I have seen here. There are some of you who shine as stellar examples of people who have taken up the reins of their own chariot and are moving through the land with the reins of love and power united to create a path for others to follow, and I applaud you.

But, on the other side, this is what I have to say: There are people right here on FB (and Twitter) who are also trying to control people’s minds with media and the like. They blame the media for people being controlled. Well, do you really want to be totally disconnected from the rest of the world? Do you want to have no Internet? So let’s look at the problem instead of the symptoms. What is the problem in all of us? If we say it is out there in the media or some prophet or aliens are going to come and save us or destroy us, we are just as bad as the media in fact we become the media that is controlling us and making us feel helpless. I wonder if you can see that, if you can not I suggest that you take this as a seed of meditation/contemplation.

I suggest taking all your thoughts about anyone controlling you or anyone coming to save you and disposing of them and you be the savior for yourself and the world around you, because I guarantee you that, if there is some kind of savior, if he sees that is what you have been about, he will NOT leave you behind in any way, even if you are an atheist. Why?  Because you will be part of cherishing and not destroying the work of the creation.

I have my own spiritual practice that I do. I do not proselytize it here for very specific reasons. I want anyone to be able to talk with me and find agreement, because if my spirituality creates more disagreement for me it is called war. I do a meditation that I do think in the best, for me anyway, but it is a sound or a vibration to bring one to the light and sound of God and not the punitive God, but the God that is to me the consciousness within the universe where all saints and masters dwell and can bring out in a person an intelligence which is beyond IQ tests and lives inside of us all. I am always willing to share my practice, but I decline from talking about it uninvited here on FB or without asking permission in a private message.

I am very involved with the education of people to bring out their highest soul qualities and callings, and I hope that the new year plunges me further into that. I want to see, and intend to write about, a world where young children are taught ethics, integrity, unity, exploration, inventiveness, creativeness, intuitiveness and their curiosity and adventurous natures is not destroyed. I believe that needs to be fostered very young, and can be done so in a way that respects all religions. I am working and contemplating towards being a part of that happening.

Happy New Year!


One comment

  1. Yes it did inspired me. I never really read what you write for no specific reason, it just happened that way.
    I appreciate your photographies and your creativity and the way you talk about your path, I think it can make people curious and wanting to know more.
    For myself I am looking forward to read more of your essays and papers.
    In the beauty of love


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