My New Meetup Group on Metaphor in MN

The Power of Metaphor in the Arts & Telling Our Stories Pages

Metaphor is always with us in: what we read and write; what we see in media, film, T.V. and photography; in all forms of the arts, including the art of telling our stories from poetry to cultural fables to personal story, but it is also embedded in psychology and education.

Metaphors are powerful and enrich our lives, but they also can have destructive impacts or sell us down the garden path making us think we need things that we don’t. This Meetup will look at the art of metaphor. I will bring to class writing about metaphor to discuss and examples, but, FIRST AND FOREMOST, it is a chance for you to take a look at and share the metaphors you create in your own life.

Participants will have an opportunity to bring metaphoric examples (or photographs of it) within the medium they choose (even selling a product in a business uses metaphor and can be done artfully, incidents in journals or dreams can work as well) and discuss them with the group (in some cases read and discuss). The group will have a chance to comment at the level of critique the creator chooses. In some cases, the creator may not want criticism, so it will be a chance to reflect on what has been presented and express what they experience, if the creator is fine with that type of sharing.

Participants will not be required to bring in a metaphorical example every week, and will be allowed to bring in an example of something metaphorical that moved them in some way. This group is not only for artists; or to make this clearer, we are all artists in our own way. I believe the greatest art is our own life! I mean this quite sincerely. A diverse group will add to the realm of what we explore.

It is going to be quite fair for people not to bring something to share some weeks. Bringing a goal that you have and working around the metaphors of the goal would also be possible. Bringing a dream that you had and starting a dictionary of dream symbols and exploring the pattern of symbols and what they mean to you (I don’t believe in other people telling you what your dream symbols mean, though people might make suggestions to think about.) is possible. Bringing journaling about metaphors that were taught to you as you grew up is possible and/or traditions from your cultural background and exploring the meaning of the metaphorical tales is possible as well.

Details: I intend for people to use this opportunity in the way that works the best for them, but that everyone contributes. Depending on the size of the group, everyone will or will not have time to share what they bring each time, and I am considering meeting twice a month for one and a half hours. There are community rooms at Black Bear Crossing (Como Park)where I am planning to do this (unless a better suggestion comes into play). I want to schedule to meet two times just as an introduction at Metro State Library Lounge. Please try and attend one, if you want to join us and have some input about time and day of the Meetups.


***Also, I am a highly skilled intuitive life coach. If you are interested in working with me personally, I am offering a reduced rate to work together doing two foundation sessions which process a lot and one follow session to work on something specific at a reduced rate for the New Year. I use both metaphorical story and photography in my work. Life coaching is not the same as therapy. It does use a lot of metaphor, but it is about moving past one’s present story using a large variety of possible tools for you to explore concerns in your present life. It is not about me figuring you out or giving you advice, it is more about you enlarging your world and/or world-view in relationship to those situations in your life needing attention through using the tools presented.

I also do intuitional readings using such things as the archetype cards, metaphorical story and cards that are geared towards life’s work. The latter is an interactive process meant to be a one-time thing. It is not to be confused with Tarot readings!

I am offering a 50% reduced rate to those who are in my Meetup group. Also, if you have family and friends who are unemployed, on disability or in a situation which severely limits their resources, please talk to be about what we can arrange to work with them. Please look at the schedule for introduction meetings.




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