My Metaphors for Today.

I decided to write daily metaphors inspired by incidents in my life.  I told a white lie about something inconsequential, but for a purpose, which everyone understood.  I told the person, as I had others, so  he knew it was a white lie. He laughed at it, because he knew I had no harmful intentions, but then he started to give me a hard time.   I wonder if he ever gave a woman a compliment that wasn’t true or realized when people complimented him and did not really mean it.

I live in MN and it is considered the land of MN Nice, which has a lot of passive aggressive behavior.  That means you smile to someone’s face often (a lying smile) and then talk behind their back.  Furthermore, this person was in sales within the car industry no less.  Yet, he persisted in stubbornly giving me a hard time because I had told a white lie.  I told him that I don’t know anyone who does not lie sometimes, and that what I did had no bad intentions towards anyone, and how could it really be a lie, if as soon as I spoke to him I told him the truth.  Everyone I spoke to admitted that sometimes they lie, but he would not, so I wrote these metaphors today. Personally, I would rather take someone’s white lie then the kind of self-righteous stubbornness that I saw today.  See what you think.

Honesty is like layers of clothing, when it is cold out you put more layers on to protect yourself from frostbite.
Lying when there is a green light is like hitting the bee that gives you honey.
Lying when there is a red light is like not turning down the fire on a pot about to boil over.
Honesty ebbs and flows like the ocean. Sometimes it knows when to uncover what it is hidden on the beach and sometimes it has the good sense to cover what needs to remain in its depths.Pretending you never lie is like a butterfly saying the caterpillar cocoon is not theirs.

by Roseroberta Pauling
Which ones do you like and why?

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