Metaphorical Thought for the Day

Reply to friend on Facebook: I think many things have been ripped from their graves and are sent out like zombies to haunt us and that is the point. If people knew everything I thought, I could just hear the labels that would be put on me–non-effective buzzed out labels that make people cry from the roof tops and demand lynchings and more guns and more drones. But, the truth is that my heart is full of sentiment for all of us. I will say one thing. I am appalled at the type of globalism which is occurring, but I don’t believe in boundaries or any type of territorialism for the most part. If there is a relationship between thought and what is created or what comes to us then even the natives and/or the indigenous people around the world had some problem inside their spiritual selves. Yah can’t have your cake and eat it too.

If one looks at an orchestra and looks at the universe as if it were some divine symphony then not all the instruments play the same way. They have different vibrations. They need different types of touch. They need different parts played, and some need air to release their sounds. So what if the universe is so grand that it all doesn’t work the same for everyone. Then you have a divine concert and only the conductor knows the whole score. It is said that many conductors become so enamored with their own conducting that, they become very hard to follow. Maybe God has lost pace with us or itself or themselves. But, a spiritual teacher I once had said, “God is so powerful he has walked into the picture.”


  1. Your writing inspires and creates wonderful God-like qualities. Am delighted that there are those like you who can write what many of us (me) could only think


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