Metaphor Japan

From searching Utube on Metaphor, I came up with this piece (along with a group called ‘The Metaphor’).  What was interesting about what I have listed below is the amount of time it took me to see what the picture actually was compared to what I first thought when I looked at it while listening to the beginning of the music.  I wonder if that will happen to others.  I also tried to find out what this was the name of a different group or what and came up with a limited translation of what they are saying in Japanese.  This was as much as I could gather of the last stanza.  “Chain up the pain. Stand up to the sin!  and read the God’s metaphor.”  Of course, this is not proper English punctuation or usage, but that is typical of many things you find in Japan. I am not sure if it should be  and read the Gods’ metaphors (as in plural Gods) or and read God’s metaphor.  In any case, it is very interesting.  These are the links.  The first being to the picture with the music, and the second to the limited translation.

Metaphor (see if you have the same reaction to the picture as I did)

The limited translation of the words.

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