This poem is a true story and there is one particular metaphor they used in it, which I really liked.  See if you can catch it!

Dear Horse
you are of my heart, and
you know it.  This I can see
in your eyes, and
the way you rest your head
against my shoulder.
When you are injured,
I take care of you, and
you feel young again–
running, kicking your legs
and whinnying, but
today the people,
the ones who own you,
my dear Lacey, say
you are too old–
at thirty-four–and can
no longer be of use.
So today, they are
taking you on a trip
into the hills
from which you won’t return.
My stamp on you were
my hands, and
you felt young again.  With
your passing today,
may you come again, as
a healthy,
rambunctious new foal.
This is my stamp–my hands
and love for you,
which follows you this life, Lacey,
into your next–you will know by
the love of your mother
and new people around you
and, perhaps, myself.
Bless you, my dear horse,
Bless you.
©Leland Byrd
photo ©Roseroberta

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