Metaphor in Writing 3/6/2013

My heart feels slow to start today, and it is night.  Perhaps, the stars will sing to it so it will tune itself to the rhythm of the universe before this day is done. ©Roseroberta

One comment

  1. I started the day at the finish and ended the day at the start and everything i did was the same
    while doing this undone day a small puffy pink poof of a cloud in a cloudless sky of azure blue
    hovered a distance away i watched it for awhile and it did nothing expected , or unexpected i went back to making the mistakes with my mental geometry of cutting legs for a saw horse
    which is to make duplicate saw horse to stand side by side with the other one , i want a table for the projects yet undone but which i want to do , i am an alchemist so starting in the middle is what i do , i reach both ends at the same time like balancing an equation , at night i go to bed and in the morning i start the day again at the end and work toward the middle then to the finish , if you like to watch paint dry then this is exciting



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