Written Metaphor (A True Story) 3/11/2013

Look what the cat dragged in?  Appendix: a small useless appendage that rots and comes bringing poisonous gifts, and I am working on finding the benefits from this unwanted guest.  I suppose it will feel better when it leaves.

And here is a real story: I was hedging to go down to get some meds the doctor ordered,  I took my time, meditated, had some coffee and let the meds I had needed for the CT scan to pass.  I had had a reaction to iodine contrast used to see the CT better ten years prior, so besides two types of drugs during the test I was loaded up, since 2:30 in the morning with Prednisone and Benadrayl.

Just as  I got to the pharmacist a woman came up, and I had been looking to see which side I needed to be on.  I said to her, ” I think I was here first.  She had this look like, “Well, you weren’t really standing here” and wanting to take advantage of the situation.  “I really need to get my stuff and get home. No one was here, and I just didn’t know where to stand.”  It flew through my mind, because of some things that had been misconstrued from my tiredness and starting to feel sick a few months prior, that I was probably in for it.  I had been hesitating for months and tripping on my words ever since the incident.  But, she said to me, ” I know how that is, and did not take offense.”  I told her, “No, I have appendicitis, I’m just getting my antibiotics.”  “Appendicitis,” she says, “I had that a year ago,” and came closer to me, I mean right up–like people never do with strangers these days–next to me and revealed her story.

It seems that just like me her symptoms had simmered down–exactly my words to friends–and she was wondering whether or not to really have the operation, and the doctor had to convince her.  She also did not like taking a lot of antibiotics–my unwanted guest had simmered down from alternative medicine I know a lot about and used.  Her simmered down belly was from the antibiotics the doctors gave her.  She said the operation was a no-brainer, and she could have played on her husband’s sympathies, but she did not.  I’m in school and graduate end of April.  It is a big ‘Magilla Gorilla’ for me.  I graduate with honors, and I did not want to have the last two months blown apart. So I asked her could you concentrate, read and write after.  She told me that she did not even take the pain killers and took some extra strength Tylenol.  She said all they did was use a scope and made some small incisions and no scars and no concentration problems. 

I looked at her and explained to her how they had to give me extra meds before doing the CT scan, because of allergic complications from an MRI injection 10 years prior. The girl was having trouble getting the IV in too, so I was not feeling very centered on the court or I would not be caring who went first.  I told her I was surprised she had not taken a swat at me for what I said.  She smiled close to a laugh.  I said, “Yah know, I kept having to nudge my way out of the house to get here and last time I did that the consequences were disastrous.  I kept slowing myself down like something was keeping me in place just a little longer, and then we both got here at the same time.”  She smiled again, and said, “It’s a God thing!  It’s just a God thing!”  And, I smiled in agreement.  In the end, I find that her husband just got surgery for knee replacement and that also went better than expected.  It was over the top, because I have a friend who needs knee surgery who we have an ocean of concerns about, and told her so. 

I just looked at her and asked if I could give her a hug.  We hugged and went our way. 

When I got home, the people on Facebook who knew what was going on with my health over the last few weeks and were in the know about the health care industry in this country and are into the same style of healing as I am, all said to me do the surgery.  The first one said to me, who happens to live in another country, and has Facebook posts zinging with truth and clarity, including health conscious ones, said to me, “There are two kinds of appendicitis chronic and acute.  The former is rare, but you’ve got it.”  I knew the doctors had not realized it was chronic, and because school was coming close to the end, I was being stoic.  I had been struggling for months on end with eating problems, and knowing there were things I should not eat.  I seemed to be endlessly hungry.  Suddenly, I realized my body was probably not getting enough nutrition, and I had not been eating all that much–well sometimes I did.  I looked down at my swollen stomach with new eyes.  Everything came to a head…I had had a million why why why can’t I get this weight off. Guilt was simmering to a slow slow boil, when I started to notice my belly felt hard, and I for sure was not pregnant.  At that moment I did not want to know why.  Why this pain in my right side and a groove creating a different track started to come through. I had danced with the fear of hip surgery,and suddenly I knew the real why. I thought back to the on and off cycles that had happened with food.  How I had restricted my diet and given up, because it just seemed endless, and I could not figure out the problem for over a year. The universe was now telling me the answer–lessons learned–at no better time than spring break, when I would have time to heal.  Some of the most healing things that came out of my day was how wonderful some of my friends really were to be there for me.  I realized this day showered me with an understanding of prior events the end of last year and released me from its hidden pitfalls.  

What were the lessons you saw underlying this story?  Do you have similar stories?  Send one to me, and I will post it on my website/blog.  If it is involved with faith, I ask that it be kept in neutral terms and not have any words of proselytization.  Thanks.

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