Two Weeks In the Hospital

It’s simple just 3 small incisions.  I try and tell him I think this was chronic to his disbelief at the small amount of pain I had.  Don’t tell doctors you use homeopathic remedies, and I did for four days till they gave me the stuff to counteract the possible reaction to the iodine contrast for the CT..  I return from the simple appendectomy with one complication after another (My appendix has ruptured inside itself and scarred over no one knows how long ago, but certainly my body was fighting to heal itself–it’s worse than chronic.), drugged up and feeling like I am a prisoner someone is doing experiments on with dreams during the night that seem like entire story-lands opening up–one to ten times it is interesting all night every night and sleep deprivation sets in, and I wake over and over talking to people who seem like they are right in front of me to find I was once more dreaming.  Every few days I am told I am going home and one more thing then another till the final release from care that is leaving me interrupted all night, so how does anyone get well in the hospital?The first day home I sleep close to fourteen hours, and I wake from a surreal drug induced dream.

And there is more,  This is the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, and why I have not written the last few weeks.


  1. IN THE MIND OF MATTER I EXIST , i have created my own hell for a great many lifetimes
    upon leaving the veterans hospital i gave the gnostic priest a chance to listen to me ( the clergy tried all the priests of religions to counsel me , none could but i would listen to the gnostic priest as he had an oak tree for a soul ) I asked the priest to listen to me before he gave me his advice and blessing , i said to him ” there are many gates in hell and i have passed thru most of them and now i am about to pass thru the last one which opens onto the pastures of green fields with no gates and i am now free and can go home and complete my mission of life , going back in experience of this lifetime 1963 on my way back to the base i was very interrupted for a great many years ( a head on collision ) no blame to anyone but i could not get home again and so my continuance of completion for this life was halted at that split second of interaction , the karma of that body mutilation had to be fixed before i could continue , 47 years later the last major operation was made and done and i could now continue on and walk thru that last gate into the fields of creation .
    And here i am brand new ,and creating is now all that i do in this mind of matter ——–*


    • Leeland….just wanted to mention to you that I respected what you wrote here. There were a few patches in it I did not get. As I did, you need to learn to be a little more friendly to your reader in creating more synapses, especially when you are working with present time and past time. I enjoyed reading what you said, and I respect that you have been on a journey which was very difficult at times….Hope you are enjoying the summer.


      • Sorry Rossroberta i left a very complete and long reply which i cannot redo because your site did not allow my password and so i had to reset it and now the very informative and creative reply is gone long gone


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