Metaphorical Writing with Photo for 6/10/2013

I don’t believe it when the sun comes out.  You’d have to live in MN to understand the rotting May and June plants gone to mold, though some succeeded in spite of it all.  Three days weather report:  Saturday sun pokes head out at seven p.m. with the strength of high noon…..for all of two minutes and no more; Sunday sun arrives end of day as I am driving to a friend’s house….she is gone by the time we sit for dinner on the porch facing the St. Croix River. Today, she has been struggling since 4:30 and it is now 5:15p.m.  I don’t believe she will stay for dinner today either, and she is already clouding over with grey clouds filled with rain.  There she is again struggling to peek out, but she does not dare to show her face.  Perhaps, she is ashamed of her long absence.  She shines for a few seconds now with a poker face, but I am calling her bluff.  You fooled me once today with those big white puffy clouds in the sky.  Where were you then?

brownstone crop brooklyn


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