Metaphor (Grey Nostalgia) 6/11/2013

I am going to the store to return my bulbs for the full spectrum variety.  Today, is 11th of June.  It is almost summer, and we have had two maybe three days of morning sun for about a month now.  Over the last four days the sun peaked out just somewhere around dinner time, but it did not stay.  And, it is making me nostalgic.  This is what winter is like in Japan–in most parts anyway.  I should be on a bicycle pedaling, but one cannot trust the drivers here.  There I pedaled right on the streets, sometimes next to open sewers.  I don’t know how I did it.  Surely, with my lack of right left coordination I was not good at it.  And even if it was intrusive sometimes, everyone watched out for one and other. 










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