9/ll Anniversary (the following day)


MY THOUGHTS NOW THAT ANOTHER ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11 HAS GONE BY. It was a strange day yesterday filled with people popping up from long ago and not remembering their misdeeds (and thinking about how we are so capable of blocking out details that don’t suit our egos), situations where I felt group dynamics were whomever shouts the loudest with the most support wins, finding out, once again, that knowing the right people and doing the right things does not stop one from being confronted with the hard realities of illnesses which can mean one’s demise and all of this while reading a book called ‘Less Than Human’. It was a day filed with contrasts and knowing at the same time that today I would be met by a doctor for an insurance company who I pay to protect me, while sending me to a doctor who will try and prove why they do not need to pay my medical bills. And this is the world we live in. When I read Less Than Human 9/11, though my family and friends were there (and I was there less than two weeks later and you could still smell the burnt bodies in the air and see people still searching in the hope of finding lost love ones), I now think it is a drop in the bucket of a long parade of humanity’s willingness for one reason or another to bring ‘others’ to their knees by some how making them less for the sake of someone or another’s group dynamics. We tend not to want to look at how we do this. How we depersonalize as well as dehumanize, and say things like, :don’t take it personally,” to assuage our recklessness. We want peace as long as our side wins, usually. There are some huge questions in the air: Why do we keep doing it, even when we basically know it is wrong? How does it start in minute ways in our daily lives? What is there in each of us which denies how we personally expand this negative consciousness, and how we will try to stop it for once and for all. At the end of the book Less Than Human the author, David Livingston Smith, expressed that, though it was much needed, no one has really tried to study how dehumanization works and if an understanding of it can enlighten us enough to stop! I can listen to my heart, I can try and find a more refined consciousness in myself, and I can say it is karma, but I find those things are not enough. I want something more. There is a discussion that needs to happen as humiliating and/or humbling as it may be for all of us.  David, maybe I am about to be the first.  They say you are only five people away from anyone, so, if somehow you see this, know that my book is coming. And know that, even though I am far from noble enough, I have started the conversation!


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