The first thing my open eyes set sail on–

The plastic yellow pot of my aloe plant

With a small slug inching its way.

Removed and gone down the

Whirlpool in the bathroom

I wish it safe journey

Through the black hole

To a more exotic next life.

Then I am left to question why

My cat has to eat first to

Puke out a hairball

Dark and looking like

A small snake bigger than

His litter box poop.

It’s not like it’s inexpensive food.

 There are leaves on the aloe

With flat planes of blue black

Obviouly spreading like mold

They too are removed and

The plant is placed

In a warmer climate

With more sun, but

I am reminded that

The garbage must go.

Another move in and

Out of the car.

Who says hell didn’t

Freeze over, and

How cold is a witch’s tit.


I must bundle up

Pray that the car starts

And move through my day

Having faith in my car

To turn over

For a fill of its belly

And not to play dead.


© Roseroberta

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