Notes from Seeing the Dalai Lama 3/2/2014

It seems that for the Dalai Lama today is the beginning of the Tibetan New Year which he usually spends at home in India, but chose to be here in Mpls.  These are my notes from the event at Macalester College.

Dalai Lama


Stressed:  Dialogue, Education, Communication, Compassion and Harmony

Macalister gave him an honorary Doctor of Humanities (started ceremony with bagpipes)

I found myself crying when I first saw him.  He looked so sweet and warmhearted.

He started calling everyone elder brother and elder sister or younger brother and younger sister which for me personally was interesting, since in the movie about the Kogi indigenous people that is what they called us, and I had written about them..

He said that it is a new world beginning with the 21st century.  Time is always moving forward you cannot stop time.  We can only learn from the past or there is no possibility to create something new, but there is some possibility.  In the 20th century there was much bloodshed and violence.  Violence will not create anything new. He talked about that it was a known reality that violence cannot create a new order and only creates suffering and more violence. It creates unpredictability.  He said that 911 created more violence.  He spoke about Bush being a nice person, but not respecting his policy.  He was hoping that 911 could be solved peacefully.  He wrote Bush a letter to express his deep sorrow.  He was hoping to create freedom in the world and resolve the tragedy in a nonviolent way.  He had again talked about violence always creating unexpected consequences, and this is a symptom of past mistakes that bring difficulty, and we need to resolve problems.  This century should be a century of dialogue.  Any problem should be talked about with honest dialogue and that is the basis of strong will and success. For a Dr., a lawyer or others, you must understand their interests and their rights and not force compromise.  He said again this century should be a century of dialogue.  Competition in our century is the cancer of human society.  It is important to understand that our generation created lots of problems we have to solve.  I think in the 21st century humans thinking will mature.

Every country is part of this small planet if something happens then there are repercussions here. I am 79 years old.  When I meet young people, I always feel young.  Too create a peaceful century we need true dialogue and determination.  This comes from wanting to help others have a right to find their happiness.  The concept of where you and your interests are alone cannot create change.  Global warming and economy means, so we have think many people are the same no matter what religion or color.

The difficulty is the difficulty of humanity.  We need a sense of oneness that their interest is my interest their problem is my problem.  To think about what is human is very important.

There are two levels of July fullness and satisfaction.  One level is from material things such as music or sports.  That kind of happiness is dependent on experiences.  Deeper levels of happiness are not dependent on a sensory levels or mental levels.  Think the on wider level that brings warmheartedness—happiness through a sense of concern for others.  There is no room to exploit others there.  If your mind is calm there is no fear and trust comes from thinking others have the same attitude.  If we fear, we mistrust and feel loneliness—constant fear and anger eats our inner system, and healthy mind.  A healthy mind is important for a healthy body.

We are special animals coming from the same mother.  You have a mother whether or not you believe it.  We can create happiness and it does not depend on the mind.  Sometimes education brings more anxiety and ambition.  The real beauty is the inner beauty.  One person he knows every time he sees him he has a new wife, because the inner beauty is missing and that outer beauty faded.  Distrust develops over time.  A healthy marriage depends on the inner beauty.  Friendship depends on trust and a compassionate attitude.

Questions: Do you ever get angry anymore?  He said that he’s still gets angry but basically explained that it doesn’t last, because you can train yourself so that through practice anger does not last so long or penetrates so deeply.  He said that you could ask any of his staff, and they will tell you that he gets angry sometimes.  He said he gets angry at big things and not small things.  He said it is sometimes good to watch that energy of anger.  He said even dreams can sometimes serve to look at anger

He said education was good to develop a relationship between oneself and reality but we really need to think about our values for the next two to three hundred years.  He said that he did not think our education was taking care of our inner values enough.  He again mentioned that warmheartedness was a really important mental attitude and could be developed through training.  He believes that shortly there will be more of a relationship between faith, spirit and science.  New findings of the mind are showing that this is not something separate.  He said that sometimes memory can create change and at the lead and he said that after a few decades science will reach deeper levels.  He said that science cannot prove or disprove the existence of god.

He was asked if he ever had to deal with failure.  He says that he takes a researcher approach to things.  If he is trying to decide about something, he’d really studies the subjects and talks to many people about it.  He says that when someone gets angry they’re only hurting themselves.

He was asked what sport he thought was the greatest sport.  He said that he is not really interested in sports.  He said that in China he played ping pong with someone who is very good but the person had a weakness in one arm, and he used that to figure out how we should play.  He said that when he went to a cricket match he really did not know who was winning or who was losing.  He just cheered when the people around him cheered.

He said that we need to think about whether our way of life can continue.  He said we must think about things because reality is changing, and we need to realize things are changing.

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