I thought I searched for enlightenment

Only to be disappointed over and over again

As it eluded me, as nothing was good enough

To break the mold–the algebraic pattern inside me.

I found myself always faltering with echoes of

You’re not enough arising over and over again

From the past to the present from the known 

To a thousand faces of strangers when something

True jumped out at me and like a Temple bell chiming–

Through a small synchronistic moment of chance.

“You’re on the wrong journey,” Silence said and queried me.

“What were the first words you spoke?” Silence hungered,

hungered to hear my answer.  “Go Happy, Go Lucky.”

It took weeks till garbled words became  dancers.  It is amazing.

Of all those scenes leaping across the screen, I picked

Those words.  How did I not become a Lucky Striker.

Often still I felt misunderstood, unlucky, unenlightened.

I wondered.  Again, “You’re on the wrong journey.

It was enlightening.  “How do I do the happiness journey?”

Reflection: As I sat at my desk eating an early dinner, after no breakfast or lunch besides a large cup of chai, and trying to get myself realigned from the strange start to my day, and the absolutely grey and cloudless sky with an intolerable amount of humidity, I found myself looking for something,  Ending up becoming engrossed in sorting out papers to find it, I decided to trust life that everything would get done, including the reading I wanted to finish doing for school.  So I continued and ended up entertaining myself with a movie I had never heard of–HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS, while I continued my search. This is a beautiful beautiful movie well worth watching. I highly suggest it, because it speaks to things on many levels. I found it on Netflix. Enjoy. It is wonderful.  I’m going to watch it again.  Who knows maybe I’ll find the paper I’m looking for. (from 2015)


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