J. Selby’s–St. Paul, MN

I don’t know what eventually happened to him, but J. Selby was the owner of the land where the St. Paul Cathedral is located. When he bought the land in the mid-1800’s he paid $50 an acre, and Selby Street is named after him. About three months back on Selby and Victoria a restaurant named after him was born–J. Selby’s.

This is no ordinary place. All the food is plant based, so St. Paul finally has a vegan restaurant, and the food is delish, including their soy soft ice cream. No chemicals, no preservatives no GMOs in sight. Furthermore, they have a pay as you can food bowl that you pay what you can between $2 and $9, and a pay it forward that you donate $5 for someone else’s meal, and the portions are great. I took half my salad home.

And guess what? Their workers make a living wage, and there is no tipping, and no it does not cost a small fortune to eat there. Just love it. I am so grateful for the creation of this place with its lovely environment, envisioned community thoughtfulness, and wonderful food.  

 J. Selby’s–St. Paul, MN

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