4th of July Weekend

With everything happening in this country right now, it seems hard to celebrate the fourth, but maybe it is the very reason we need to celebrate! There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t end up feeling like I have slipped into some kind of parallel universe. I, as so many, am deeply saddened by the lack of humanity involved with the decisions being made by the present leaders of this country destroying about half a century of hard work as they march on.

Some of the decisions are in the name of religion, or economics, but mostly fear, I Abelieve. It has been said so many times already that were we to take the military budgets of the world–maybe, even just that of our country–we could feed, house, and educate the entire planet. It seems strange to me that we don’t.

It seems strange to me that we have not arrived at the commonality between all religions and learned ways to share in that. It seems strange to me that we continue to focus on tribes rather than the commonality of all humans. It seems strange to me that we look to friendship often like it were some commodity based on a person’s usefulness rather than what we can learn from each other. I am saddened by all of this within the workings of democrats and republicans a like.

I am saddened that when I partake in the trendy supposedly humanizing factions, I then have to agree with everything, and my friends and I have to be attacked as if we were the enemy, if we don’t–for our questions and/or attempts to fill in the gaps of what is unspoken, or unthought about. I am saddened by the new set of taboos confronting us–sometimes by the very people shouting for freedom of speech. If a parent is verbally abusive to their child, they can be taken to court. If a citizen is verbally abusive to other citizens is that okay. It saddens me that I live in a country that does not know the difference between abuse and freedom of speech. I am saddened how we choose to imitate what has historically failed and traumatized us. I wonder when the day will come that we realize that the problems of the world are in all of us–all of us.

Everyone discriminates. We have our favorite ice cream flavor that resonates with us. Some hate fusion food for its lack of purity, and others crave new combinations while some have negative responses just to the thought of a certain food from things that happened around food growing up.

But, I believe, we are at place where we must grow up. I am not going to pick on examples that may be even more disturbing, or hit the wrong buttons in some people, but we all have our preferences, and yet in the center there is something we all should be agreeing on, which is the value of life and love. If that is not the baseline of our politics America, as it ha been known, has been ruptured. I cannot undo everything that has become filters in my life, and some out of discernment, I would not want to, but I can make a choice.

For example, one choice I made in my life. I was raped in my youth by a person of a different heritage from me. I had a choice to forgive them, and not hold a grudge toward people of that heritage, and even though I would not want to be a part of their cultural dance, I still am aware of the intrinsic value in their culture. I try and live by that standard.

I don’t agree with everyone’s cultural standard, but I search for their intrinsic value, and I know that when people are antagonistic towards other’s cultural preferences, they generally are fearful of something in their life being destroyed. Historically it has been so, and sometimes it is with good reason.

History can teach us many lessons, but there is a core of humanity’s consciousness, which history has not been getting through to us, even though it is shouting out to us. That field of consciousness is ringing out to us now no matter what labels you want to put on it. We need to get past what history is literally shouting repetitively through the ages to the core of consciousness within it, or we will be in a no win situation. Literalism is void of the consciousness within humanity, and shakes a finger at us in disdain. We must get to our roots, I believe. Roots, which are more powerful than literalism and encompass the weave of all existence. Let’s celebrate that root, which is in all of us, and leave the name calling behind. Maybe, we should think that we are still in the first day of creation and consciousness is not at rest, but is open to infinite possibilities.


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