In the Face of Disaster: Mike Pence at the Helm of Katrina

I have always wondered what happened to the people who survived Katrina, their homes and the surrounding area.  It seems that the event played thunderously across our vision and then there was silence. Now, reading about Katrina’s exploitation brings a brutal assessment of what took place in the aftermath of Katrina, and the fact that Mike Pence was at the helm of the systematic capitalistic exploitation  of the area is something, in the face of his stringent form of Christianity, which keeps women out of the board room, is no less than terrifying and inhumane beyond comprehension.

It was only a week ago that I found out that, though he and his wife are Evangelistic Catholics, his wife was divorced.  Some people who heard me bring this up were in an “everyone makes mistakes” mode.  I thought true, but it’s a secret, and why on earth do my searches, even with his name, not find the ex anywhere–a well-hidden agenda, I thought to myself.

The true agendas of the present government’s dabbling with and manipulating Christianity, are also hidden.  This is not a trip to see The Wizard of Oz with a kindly, but ineffective, old gentleman behind the curtain.  I believe that this government’s use of Christianity is a ruse playing on real Christians who were indoctrinated into the idea of the apocalypse, and became fearful from the economic collapse that started to hit them personally in juxtaposition with minority rights and diversity issues.  This is the problem with the literalization of doctrines that took place centuries ago, and how much more so, if most of us don”t even know what happened with Katrina, is it true of the interpretation of things that happened centuries ago with no radio, no television, no cars, no airplanes, and no internet. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against those who study the Bible.  There are some brilliant metaphors in there, along with lost passages, but I have wondered about how many stories formed an alliance over centuries. Looking at the exploitation of Katrina (see link below) being buried with Mike Pence being the figurehead, I am left to wonder even more. Does he believe that it was all God’s will and his actions in the aftermath had no meaning?

I wondered for a long time about what happened to all the Katrina victims. It seemed like they almost disappeared in thin air.  In fact, I was in the midst of a yearly break from work when Katrina hit, and I applied to the Red Cross, as a volunteer.  They were taking so long getting their act together that by the time they took any volunteers, I already had to return to work.  Now, I am reflecting on that time, and how I wondered why it was taking them so long to get things in place in conjunction with this article.  I remember having to sign that I would not disclose anything I saw, and how odd I felt that was. That volunteers couldn’t speak of what they had seen sent up red flags for me.  Now, knowing how much Mike Pence was involved with this for profit exploitation of victims, shouts at me.  How far will they go?

Where do these capitalists–I should say oligarchs–think they and their families are going to be, if everything collapses?  How long do they think they would be able to survive? It always seems to me that there is a missing link in all of this because of the stellar inability to deal with the results of their actions. Do they think that as long as they espouse belief in Christ all their vulgar atrocities will be forgiven?


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