Lies, Loop Holes, and Alternative Truths

“And that’s the thing about people who mean everything they say. They think everyone else does too.”
― Khaled HosseiniThe Kite Runner
“There is only one sin, and that is theft… when you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth.”
― Khaled HosseiniThe Kite Runner


I don’t care what team you think you are playing on, if you’re not becoming overwhelmed by the shattering of American Democracy into an Oligarchic (or should I say Orwellian) Nightmare, sorry but I don’t think you have been paying attention. Our current President reminds me of a doctor who takes the Hippocratic Oath and forgets it the day he starts to practice; only in this case, it seems more and more every day the current President is in need of some kind of medical attention and control of his random bills of unkindness.

There has been a tendency of note in this country, which has been to do what one is told and be politically correct.  The warm and fuzzy feelings seeming to have seen their heyday, and kindness is no longer a virtue. We seem to have fallen to the harsher side of the moon and its emotions.  

Let’s just take the conversation around getting $15 an hour, which I never thought was enough considering what the cost of living is now, and how salaries (even for men) have not kept up, since the 80’s from my understanding. Okay maybe some of you think it is the 90’s, but let’s focus on where all the squabbling has been, and expectedly so. Here’s my list, which is probably missing a squawk or two: If I have to pay my employees more my costs will go up, and I will have fewer customers if my prices go up; If I add a food tax people are not going to want to tip the waitresses; If my waitresses don’t get tips, even at $15 an hour they will make less money; If the cost to eat in a restaurant goes up people will not want to eat out so much; If I have to pay out that kind of money, I can’t hire and train inexperienced people, and people without experience aren’t going to get hired; I have tried to be a community business, and always kept my costs down to the public. 

Like I mentioned, I am probably missing a few of the squawks, but here’s the thing. Haven’t corporate breaks lowered the taxes earned by this country? Am I having to pay to bring down the debt because corporations don’t pay their fair share of taxes (Mr. President, please let me see your tax forms!) Any reason small businesses can’t get significant tax cuts, and corporate tax breaks be abolished. Seems to me that would clear up some of the squabbles.  I mean really, does anyone think that Wal-Mart, McD’s and all the big boys cannot make a profit big enough to keep them in yachts and on the gold(f) course, or Mar-A-Lago. 

I mean I am not a Financial Planner or Economist, but do I need to be?  How much time and energy has already gone into the Alternative Facts about the uselessness of Obama Care.  Okay, I hear you.  It’s not perfect, but how about perfecting it, and by the way how about making the plan one that everyone in the government is forced to use, or is that too much equality?  Because the way it looks now it seems that being a member of the government and their cronies or their Monarchy (Didn’t we break away from that–see me shaking my head), one slips into an alternate reality with the beloved alternate facts creating a back to the past spin so mind-boggling that the country seems hypnotized into a dimension where the world is flat and there never were any dinosaurs.  

And did anyone notice the new dress codes in the White House, and hear talk of that we never really went to the moon. Why am I feeling confused? Now, we think the Muslim religion is inferior why?  And no, don’t even go there with your thoughts–not that it really needs discussing, but my eclectic self is more Buddhist than anything else.  There seems to be some idea that if you don’t have a God overhead who is ready to spank you, you are of little faith.  Unity and wholeness have somehow lost their value in the middle of this battle between ideologies. If only honesty and integrity ruled who would care what religion someone was now–really now. Most of these seemingly phantasmagorical problems would be yesterday’s news, but alas that would be too easy, especially in a government themepark where it’s not necessary, it’s not kind, and it’s not true rules the day.



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