One of the quotes from the bible, though I am not of that persuasion, that stands out for me is, “What you fear will come upon you.” I think that, in these times, it is very important to consider though difficult with the mounting oligarchical cult’s provocative, and some days I certainly fail, but we must foster a spirit of what we want to create beyond what is in the present moment.

I believe we are chosen in this time to live with that spirit and move forward in our lives while helping those around us to do so. If we do not find the worthiness in each other with all our varied hues, how can we expect a new balance to arise. It certainly will not if we focus only on the negative.

My family went through the Holocaust–some of them even the concentration camps, but they never let go of their own discriminations. It often amazed me. I am not without my own discriminations, and I don’t think I am unusual in that. Life’s filters do that to us, but I find the investment to sort them out and flip them over is profit not only to myself, but profits the slowing down of the madness in the world, even if it is just with those closest to me.

I do believe in this ripple effect. Yet still, I for one, often feel like I am held-hostage in the midst of this gathering storm, as many others around me also exclaim in their moments of being overwhelmed by the immensity of far-reaching consequences were all the fragmentation and destructiveness to come to fruition. When the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be traveling further and further away, sometimes it is good to identify with where this storm sits inside oneself and work from there–sometimes it is all we can do!

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