12 Basic Archetypes


Where do you think you and the people around you fall within these types?  Where do you think our leaders and idols fall?


There are so many archetypes and Caroline Myss has a deck of them, which one can buy online.  I am not putting a link here, because I am not selling anything, but if you look her up you will find her card set online.



  1. Of all the systems that type people, my favourites are probably the enneagram and natal astrology because they are more colourful and because they seem to hit home – I got Myers-Briggs’d to death in graduate school and it seems dull and so many things fall between the four classifications. i’d have to sit with the twelve types above: my initial take was that I didn’t fit into one but had bits of a few. Very interesting post! Thought-provoking!

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    • There actually are way more than 12. I like Carolyn Myss’ Archetype cards. I like to see what comes up, and I don’t think that people are all one anything in these days of over-classification. I was INFP, but people were shocked because they tend to think I am an extrovert, but it is not the case, really. But in actuality, supposedly they have stopped using Myers and using the Strong Personality these days, which picks out I think 9 main characteristics in order of strongest to the weakest, and that I found interesting. None of it is perfect, you know, you know. LOL

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