Mpls School Explosion & Good Deeds


via Explosion at Minneapolis School Kills 2 Staff Members – The New York Times

This was a horrific experience for the people of Mpls., which needs to be handled well to lessen the aftershocks, so I want to remind people of some good works being done for school children around the city.

My good friend Bethany and her partner Brian are reaching out to people to help school children.  I’m posting this for them. 

Hi Twin Cities Neighbors!

I am just engaging interest.

For the past four years my (now) fiance’ and I have held a school supply drive. We have been featured on two local news stations for our *Holiday* programs but have not brought to (public) light our school supply program.

Would anyone be interested in donating school supplies? K-12th grade???

**Direct** donations could be arranged!!!!

Notebooks, folders, crayons, backpacks… Etc… etc… etc….

This time of year can be hard on parents – some of them who are our very neighbors. We are **NOT** asking for money! – Just simple supplies you can DIRECTLY donate to a family in need if you wish. 

*We also can arrange delivery if needed. (We prefer direct delivery but understand that may not always be possible.)

Thanks! (Tagging a few people who may help get the word out) 

You can reach Bethany at:
Direct: 612-384-6318

**I know, this won’t help the the trauma of the incident, which occurred last week or the repair of the building, but it will help many children to be supported in their efforts to learn.

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