Cat Tails


It is the end of day

The end of day

Of a weekend

Of a weekend

A weekend

That didn’t go

Didn’t go as planned

My cat lies between

Between a pile

A pile of notebooks and

And a box a box with

With one version

One version of my book

Glasses, Keys, my

My car insurance bill

Bill on top of box

Romeo in his best

His best tuxedo

Gets up and comes

Comes towards me

I pick him up in all

In all his softness and

And we linger with each other

He snuggles for a while

For a while his nose

His nose snuggles leading

Leading his head

His head curled

 in my armpit

Then he hops

Hops to my desk again

And kisses my forehead

I say kiss kiss and he

He kisses my forehead

Again, and I swear

I swear he knows

He knows these words

There is only a desk

A desk light on

And before, before

He goes to lie down

His bushy tail looms up

Looms up leaving a peacock

A peacock like tail feather

Tail feather Shadowed

Shadowed on the shade

In Black and white

And remnants of a kiss

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