Going Vegan!


2015-06-22 15.12.05

I have accepted the challenge of going on a vegan diet.  You heard me right–Vegan and not vegetarian with the intent to eat only raw food one or two days a week. It is a huge shift.

So today, I was thinking about how miso is made, and that I would like to have some miso soup.  I looked online and came up with this lovely page (10 Benefits of Miso Soup), which will not only tell you the benefits of making miso soup, but also has some yummy things to do with miso that I have never done like a cheese you can make from tofu, miso and lemon.  I have not tried it yet, so no guarantees,

This is something I will put my seal of approval on. I got Daiya Pizza, which is gluten free and has vegan cheese and meat on it.  It was delish.  I’d be the first to say that most vegan cheese is yuck, along with being notorious for not melting.  And vegetarian burgers, so so. But I have to tell you that my first bite was a shock in a positive direction. The cheese actually tasted good, but when I bit into the meat, there actually was a moment when I thought I had made a mistake and bought something with meat. It was so good.

I have long-thought that there must be ways to make things out of vegetables that have a meatlike substance to them, which would be truly satisfying, and that pizza hit the spot.  Daiya pizza uses Beyond Meat’s ground meat substitute. It just so happens that I have their burgers in my fridge, and now that I have tasted their product on pizza, I look forward to trying those burgers…hmmm with some sweet potato nuggets and salad.

If you happen to be a Twin Cities person, you can get both Daiya and Beyond Meat products at Seward Co-op.  If you’re not, take a look at their site for finding these treats near you.




Now for my miso soup with buckwheat noodles!



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