Leaving Behind Armageddon


(this was written in 2009)

I do not want to plot my thoughts 

against another generations demise,

hoard gold, buy stocks in silver mines.

If I view it all like 

a body,

where are the blood lines

and what is the oxygen?

Can you see it from that view

each of us pumping our thoughts

into to this giant organism

and deciding what we will

make happen?

Can you see it

swelling and contracting

like a heart

like a heartbeat

kicking out new born

souls and aberrations. 

What if we are doing that

and being watched?

What if there is some

saline solution

that we savor ourselves in?


In 9th grade 

three things happened to me.

I realized that though taught 

to name, maybe we don’t

see the same color

looking at red or blue or green.

Or maybe twelve inches 

is a yard for you

or a different math system

would work better.

And, that the most important things

were not the atoms, waves or particles

but the space between.


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