Charlottesville and Beyond

Because of some things that were said to me, and feeling that I did not say enough, I reworked this post, which I had put up yesterday. Give it another look, please. I have done my best with this in the time I have right now. It is not perfect, I’m sure, but perhaps it will help some of us to think through things, so pass it on.

Believe me I would rather be writing poetry, but…

This morning I saw the most vivid and painful to watch footage about Charlottesville that was powerfully, and I must say bravely created.  You feel like you are there.  A Vice/HBO interviewer Elle Reeve courageously did this footage with her team. How she managed to pull it off is amazing.

The other thing I found amazing was that many of these White Supremicists, Nazis, KKK and their ilk had DNA tests and found out that they were not through and through whites, and how they balk and go into denial when they find out about some of their heritage is not as they think.

The third thing that came up for me was the claim that the police at the rally did not respond quicker because 80% of those rallying had semi-automatics.  If you look at the march on Friday night, which you can see on the first link above, you know that is simply not true, although some had powerful weaponry, and alright one can assume many had concealed weapons, which in VA you do need a permit for. It was not until the next day that all their weapons were showing, but that the rally was not of the requested purpose was already clear.

Here’s the deal for me. The permit that the rally was for was to protest the taking down of a statue of Lee. From the chants that one can clearly hear on the first link, which starts out on Friday night, one knows that this was not about that, and if threatening chants were being shouted along with weaponry, the whole rally should have been forfeited and stopped. Why wasn’t it?

I am very eclectic in my spiritual beliefs, but some of my family were in the concentration camps. I am glad they are not alive to see this. I think it would have torn them apart, and I feel sorry for those who are still closely linked to that time period. I found it interesting that the group, mostly locals, protesting against the rally were shouting ‘Black Lives Matter, but those rallying were talking about Jews. I have yet to hear people shouting ‘Jewish Lives Matter.’ Why? And it has been said to me that the term ‘All Lives Matter’ takes away from what ‘Black Lives Matter’ expresses, or couldn’t it add to it? I have even had someone say to me that with the same thinking ‘Jewish Lives Matter’ should not be chanted, and yet here is a group shouting chants that say ‘White Lives Matter’ and taunts wanting to crush the Jews and that they will not be overtaken by Jews, so why is it improper to say ‘Jewish Lives Matter.’ Okay how about chanting ‘Human Rights for All People, Now,’ or some such that is not escalating this fragmentation because otherwise what kind of taboos are we setting up?

There are those who would say this is not fascism brewing in the United States because it has its own flavor; there are those who won’t even admit we have turned into an oligarchy, or that we have turned a dangerous corner, but when I see this rally not being shut down immediately with the police not stepping in immediately, when fights break out, I am highly suspicious. What are we allowing? And if anyone has any doubts for the need to ban automatic weapons, when police have to be concerned if those they come up against are more powerful than the police are, I beg your pardon. Hello NRA. Personally, I think it was a lousy excuse, and if I am wrong automatic weapons need to be banned, or are they forming a militia across the country, and a militia against who? Our government?

What will they do if Trump gets outed? I would think that there were people with their ear to the ground who reported immediately to Trump. One would think even some intelligence agency people were there. If the police did not feel they could handle the situation, why weren’t heavier forces brought in, even the National Guard? What are Republicans afraid of  that they don’t stop Trump’s shenanigans? It looks like something because they are not standing up to him very well, and his lack of brazenness in healing the wounds of those here at home. He, IMHO, had to know already Friday night what these marchers were chanting, and, if not, why didn’t he?


And seriously, why have no government officials admitted that the rally was illegitimate because it was not about what the protesters claimed it would be about? Is it because they then would have to admit responsibility for not stopping it. Personally, I would like to take a good look at that permit. But just think what would have happened if people in Muslim garb marched with weapons and shouted ‘Death To the Infidels,’ even if they were American citizens? And, what if people of color would have a march, supposedly for taking down the statue of Lee, while bearing concealed and automatic weapons and chanting ‘Down With the Top Five Percent’ or some such? How long would it have lasted? I wonder.

I propose that threatening the eradication of people while being heavily armed should be considered a threat and be prosecutable by law, and if the police can shoot an individual as easily as they do now, the threat should not have to include pointing a weapon in someone’s face in these types of scenarios. Also, at the time of being given a permit to demonstrate, if threats are made along with weaponry, or if the rally’s purpose is different from the stated purpose, the permit will be revoked and the rally disassembled should be written on the permit, signed by the person requesting the permit, and violations should be punishable by law.

This has taken up a good chunk of my day, and like I said, I would rather have written a poem, but it is gray out day after day, as if even the weather is responding to the mood in this country right now, and maybe this is my version of the rain soon to come. And I want to say All Lives Matter, but where is the voice for that now, and that bothers me deeply. It bothers me not because it has been used to quiet the impact of ‘Black Lives Matter,’ but because, even with years of meditation, it is difficult for me to feel for the people who amassed in Charlottesville.  

I try to think these White Supremacists, KKK, and NeoNazis are teaching us compassion. I try to think they are hurting, and there is a place where they feel emasculated. I even think that the economic problems that have hit us, with jobs gone overseas and wages not raising with the cost of living has provoked them to be anti-affirmative action to an extreme. But I have personally seen the power of group energy in a negative form, even in religious groups of many kinds, let alone in business or politics. There are many things we have done at a cost in the USA and all over the world, and not just by America. We have to be very careful because it seems we are starting to have to pay up, and war mongering is not going to be the answer.

There are those that threaten Armageddon,or the Kali Yuga, or the oceans rising, or the Russians, or the North Koreans being the end of us, but what are we creating wrapping our minds around those things? What do we need to wrap our minds around instead to envision something greater than all of that? And how will that happen, if we keep slicing and dicing who we are? What happens if we accept that we all created Charlottesville and the mess we are in and start clearing the debris inside outselves?


  1. Not that I like the idea of Nazis with AKs walking through a street in VA, under the law they had the right with open carry laws to have those guns which might be why nothing was done at first. It is legal to carry or wear a gun that can be seen by all in most souther states. I shared your HBO documentry and cryed through it. I am not the crying type. To think that in 2017 we are still fighting the same battles is shocking to me. For your family and those of many who survived the Death Camps allow me to say Jewish Lives Matter. Frankly the only lives to me that do not matter are the Neonazis, Skinheads, and whatever the rest of those ceptic tank denizens may call themselves. I really believe that with guns, the bigger the weapon the smaller the……..


    • I sincerely understand where you are coming from, but there are some nuances that need consideration, and maybe I did not make clear enough, if so I apologize. You see supposedly they all had a lot of concealed weapons. Now those you have to have permits for, and one did not see the police looking for that. Then even with the unconcealed automatics, at what point does it become a threat because then it is a whole other story. So then we have to think about permits to protest, and what they actually say on them,, and what they should say on them IMHO, as I mentioned in what I wrote. The story out there is they got the permit to protest against the statue being taken down. Well, we know that is not what they were doing. Instigating violence towards people and caring weaponry becomes a whole different issue.Where is the border line between license to carry and threatening the lives of others. Even chanting, “The streets are ours,” is a form of intimidation. I would love to see what the permit actually said, and if there is no place for the purpose of a rally, I think there should be, along with a place for the receiver of the permit to sign that they realize that carrying weaponry while advocating the destruction of others will be seen as a terrorist threat.There has to be a way to draw a line in the sand, don’t you think?


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