Can You Say Neo-Nazis?

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Has it struck anyone that you keep hearing people shout out against White Supremacists and the KKK, but in many places starting with Trump right down the line you don’t hear people say Neo-Nazi after the fact of Charlottesville? The chants of the so-called White Supremacists were “blood and dirt” and “Jews will not replace us.” Those chants came from Nazis Germany.

Therefore, it strikes me strange that there is not much interest in psychologically combating the hatred against Jewish people that is being stirred up. I wonder why that is?

Do you have to have a prescribed skin color to deserve protection against racism and discrimination? I wonder why there is not much sympathy going out to the Jewish community? Is it because not everyone likes things happening in Israel, when there are things not to like with some people in most religions or groups? Is it because most people are Christian in this country? Does not saying NEO-NAZIS out loud dispel the thought that we may be moving toward the Fascism of Germany, or does it subliminally mist over a subtle discrimination towards Jews that lurks in the basement of major religions? On and off I wonder about this in the midst of what we are witnessing in the USA.

And, not to go off topic here, this is why I don’t like appropriating language like Uber and Grammar Nazis. I mean can you imagine the next cool thing to call someone would go like this, “Man, You’re such a Neo-Nazis,” or the like.



  1. There is a remarkable lack on the part of the media to discount those cries by Nazis over the “Jews”. The HBO documentry has several scenes where the skinhead bigoted racist comments that we need a more racist president, one that does not “give his daughter to a Jew”. Rather our media, my favorite CNN included, have presented this as a strictly racist black vs white incident that is based on Confederate monuments. It is so much more then that. It or rather they want the days when the white male was king, the little woman stayed home and took care of the kids, African Americans were not considered Americans, and Jews were the rich folks you loved to ban from your country clubs, and life was good. Right? Not in my book. Not in my America.
    My America is a melting pot of skin colors and religions. If Sharia Law is illegal in this country then Biblical Law is or should be illegal. If it is legal to be of other religions then Christian why are Jews singled out? I have heard the argument that Jews killed Jesus but I believe history shows that the Romans killed Jesus. What these selfproclaimed keepers of the White Christian Right have neglected to do is read their history. If they can read.


    • Yup,..This problem goes very very deep to shadow places of religion where people don’t want to look, especially within themselves. Today, there are country clubs where Jews are still not allowed. And many who could not afford that luxury also went through abuses much more severe. I will give you one example. I was young still living in NYC and worked at a low level job at Chase Plaza (a huge building). I started dating someone from middle management. He was Jewish, and I will never forget him saying how he was going to have to leave Chase soon because they were not going to give him better positions due to his Jewish background. Fast forward I’m living in Japan and married to someone Japanese. He goes to one of the biggest book sellers, and mind you by then my persuasions were closer to Buddhism, and he starts telling me what is in this book. He starts telling me that the Rockerfellers are Jewish (idea that Jews own the bank), and I start the are you kidding kind of laughter, and tell him that is so not true that it is funny. He starts to try and convince me pointing to the book, which I ask where he got. Well, he tells me right in the front book bins as you enter the store. I was amazed. This was not a small cheezy bookstore. We are talking about equal to Barnes and Noble. I personally think religion has no place in politics, and it would be nice if we started sharing the common ground between all religions. Even most of the Atheists I know believe there is some kind of consciousness, and just don’t want to sink into all this patriarchal tyranny.Thanks for your comment


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