A Challenge for Writers & Poets

If you go to my Power of Metaphor Facebook Page you will see lots of pictures of the eclipse including a bunch that I took at the Science Museum here in St. Paul.  


I also have a group called Poets Without Borders, which you can join to share poetry. Suggestion: Go to Power of Metaphor and find an eclipse picture you like and write a poem (any style you like, including pros poetry), or something metaphorical about the Eclipse in story form–as you like, dear hearts.  Post what you wrote on Poets Without Borders, which is a place to share poetry and encourage each other–rather than critiquing. Share the good things about other’s writing, and where your thoughts went reading someone else’s work. I started the group a year ago, but then I traveled for about three months and it lost momentum, but it is coming together again. If you have any trouble signing up, just get in touch with me here or on FB.


So next time you take a break join in. Let’s have some fun together.



Share A Story, a Thought or a Poem....Maybe, I'll post it!

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