Soliloquy On The Eclipse



I am alone

Sitting in a corner

With my walking stick

And my camera.

My walking stick and camera

Are my mates today.

Everyone is working.

My walking stick

it has worked a lot too;

the rubber tip has gone

leaving it unprotected.

I struggle with the sound

Of it clicking on the sidewalk

Not liking the attention

It brings me, and using it

On the look-alike marble

Inside buildings is like

Attempting to slide

To second base–

You risk a lot, but

I have made it

To the viewpoint,

Donned my glasses,

And set my myself

In a corner near the tattoo table

Taking photos of people

People of all ages who

Who have also

Donned eclipse tattoos

Along with their glasses.

Away from the crowd

Where everyone is

With someone

I ask some to let me

“Let me photograph your tattoo?”

Some I take on the sneak.

The eclipse is eerie

Through the Looking Glass

Where everything is black

Besides the one focal point–

The focal point of the eclipse,

And if I take my camera to it

My camera picks up bright

Brighter than bright sunlight–

The sunlight one should not look at

For fear of going blind—similar to

What young boys are told,

After they have found

Found their private parts,

Only this threat can bear fruit.

We will not get a total eclipse here

So it is not safe to peak.

Still there is a strange darkening.

The colors are mildly not the same,

But we don’t even get to see…


To see our 83%.

Big grey clouds

Have tumbled over

Over the wedding bed

Hiding their intimate encounter.

I wait until the separation

Is complete.

And I walk to my car

My car in the rain and

My walking stick clicking

Click click clicking.

DSC01123                     DSC01096


One comment

  1. It is hot
    North Carolina swim, through the humidy
    Hot, Even the birds are looking for shade
    I park my tractor and go inside
    Water and airconditioning on my mind
    Just a break
    Afew minutes of air
    I remember the eclipse
    But I have seen many
    No big deal
    But I grab my tablet
    Click a few photos
    Of nothing much
    A momento of one more act of power
    Cooler, hydrated I go back out
    Mount my steel steed and
    Push the levers, pull the cutting switch out
    Go back to doing the everyday, mundane
    Tasks of country living
    An eclipse is nothing much
    Much ado about nothing
    Except for one thing
    For just a moment
    People forget their hate
    They stand together
    Watching nothing much but
    Sharing one peaceful moment in time
    As the blades of my tractor
    Rip through the tall grass


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